Namn: Miso Jovicic – MishoJx

Sweden based photographer and retoucher.My real name is Misho Jovicic, born and raised in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, living in south Sweden.

I’m 33 years old, husband and father of a wonderful 4 year old girl and owner of a beautiful Golden retriever.
Speaking English, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian.

Fall in love with photography when a was living and studying in Spain. I have graduated with Master degree of Arts in Blindness and Low Vision Therapy.

Currently working full time as a photographer and when I have my eyes on the viewfinder, I really feel as I am seeing a whole new world!
I love natural light, shooting outdoor and in abandoned houses, but i work a lot in my studio!
Retouching all my photos in Photoshop CC.